City Hall Needs Assessment

The PVE Foundation has been encouraged by the growing number of residents who have become a part of our mission by submitting generous donations and creative project ideas. Multiple residents have approached the Foundation regarding the deferred maintenance and safety concerns of the City Hall complex and have provided various suggestions for this location.

Through generous donations and productive conversations, a project scope has been defined. This scope has been reviewed by the PVE Foundation Leadership team and discussed with the City Staff for feasibility.

We are pleased to announce that the PVE Foundation has approved a Grant to perform an analysis of our current City Hall and surrounding area as a first step in determining the needs for improvements, repairs and upgrades to the complex.

A letter was provided to the Mayor, City Council and City Manager on 7/13/21. It was also read during public comments at the 7/13/21 City Council Meeting.

Once this study is completed, we will be requesting that the City Council have an open Community meeting to receive the results and determine next steps.

Recent Project Updates

  • Work with the City has been delayed in order to allow the new City Manager and new Public Works Director to be hired and get acclimated to City and address City priorities.
  • Foundation had worked with Mayor to calendar a charette in August 2022 to discuss the project. The charette was delayed due to other City Council projects and determination to wait post-election in order work with the newly-elected council in our continued spirit of collaboration and cooperation.
  • Response to Resident Allegations Regarding the City Hall Needs Assessment

Questions & Answers

What is the City Hall Needs Assessment?
It is a grant provided through competitive bid to assess the safety, compliance and issues with the aging City Hall building. It also provides an opportunity for an assessment of alternative uses for the property, as suggestions for the City Council and residents to consider. It is an assessment only and not a plan to build.
Why is this Assessment needed?

The PVE City Hall complex, which includes our Police Department and the LA County Fire Department, PV Homes Association and City Hall, is over 65 years old. The complex has not been adequately maintained and is non-compliant with the current building standards and codes. There are issues with safety and compliance that need to be addressed in order for the building to be able to serve our community.

What is the scope of this needs assessment?
Primarily, the scope is to determine the issues associated with the aging and non-compliant building. The consultants were also asked to consider a wide variety of alternatives that might generate revenue for the city and mitigate tax increases. The only constraint that was included to the consultants was that low-income housing would not be a viable alternative for the community.
Why can’t the City fund the Assessment?

The City has limited funds due to budget issues over the last few years, partially due to the loss of Measure D, to increasing costs and added requirements from the State of California.

In order to allow for this important assessment to be done to find out a total cost for city capital requirements, concerned citizens and the PVE Foundation provided a grant for this study to be completed.

Why hasn’t the public been involved in this project?

The project is a needs assessment which means that time has been taken to determine the issues with the building and to put together the study and analysis that can be viewed by the City Council and the public.

There was an initial announcement to the Council and residents at the City Council Meeting on 7/13/2021.

It has not been appropriate to engage the public since there has not been anything to report. Public communication or involvement would be appropriate after the study results are complete and they are delivered to the City Council and residents.

Is it appropriate for the Foundation to be funding this Assessment and working with City staff?
As with other projects the Foundation has pursued (e.g., Farnham Martin Fountain restoration, City Hall Median project, Body Camera System grant), the Foundation has worked carefully, collaboratively and respectfully with City Staff. This working relationship been essential in order to understand the City role and get important staff feedback and information.
Is the Foundation planning on building on the City Hall site?
The Foundation has no jurisdiction to pursue a building project and it is not in the charter of the Foundation’s mission. We are merely funding a study that is meant to serve the City Council and the residents to know what issues are present and options are available.
Is this project an attempt to provide a developer access to build on City land, parkland or protected land?
The company contracted with for this assessment is only engaged for the assessment. If there were to be a building project the City, at the direction of the City Council, would have to put out competitive bids of their own.
Is there a proposal to build low income housing through this plan?
There is no plan to include low income housing as part of the proposed options for the land. It was expressly provided as an alternative use that was not acceptable to our community.

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