Farnham Martin Park and Fountain Refurbishment

Farnham Martin Park is an iconic landmark for our City.  It was built in honor of Farnham B. Martin who “was the superintendent of parks from the beginning and was responsible for the selected variety of trees and shrubbery and growing of the stock in the Project Nursery at Lunada Bay.”1 He was a beloved member of the community who had contributed to the beauty of the City we enjoy today. 

Over the years, the Farnham Martin Park has been a gathering place for residents for summer concerts and other events.  It is a beautiful companion to the historical Malaga Cove Library.  In recent years the function and beauty of this area has been neglected.  

Partial List of Proposed Work

  • Clean and perform maintenance, repairs and upgrades on the fountain to maintain its beauty and function as an icon and asset of the community
  • Plant the flower beds found in and around the fountain area
  • Install environmentally friendly irrigation systems and watering recycling for the fountain
  • Update park terrace and pathways
  • Install benches
  • Clean up/restore park vegetation


  1. History of Palos Verdes Estates California by Gus Bauman and Contributors, 1975.

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