A vintage police car. Photo by James Kao.

PVE Foundation Inaugural Gala

benefiting the PVE Police Department

Thank you for making it a huge success!

The PVE Foundation is pleased to have completed its inaugural Gala at the Palos Verdes Golf Club with over 250 attendees filling the ballroom to capacity.

Saturday night’s Gala was a fundraiser to help purchase a body and car camera system for the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department. This critically important digital age technology is imperative in providing the right balance of transparency and accountability for victims and community members.

  • The Case for Body-Worn Camera Systems

    Body-worn video is incredibly important to our community and our officers as we continue to work to enhance transparency, accountability, best practices and trust in policing on a larger scale. When incidents occur, it is imperative light shines on the truth; this technology will help move us towards that end. Body cameras go a long way to put more pieces of the puzzle together, to see the larger picture. Here are some of the benefits of body-worn cameras.

    1. Improve Accountability
    2. Promote Transparency and Openness
    3. Improve Officer Performance and Civilian Conduct
    4. Offer an Impartial Eyewitness
    5. Aid in Evidence Collection and Court Proceedings
    6. Improve Officer Training and Development
    7. Integration with In-Car Camera as an Investigative Tool
    Read more details about the case for Body-Worn Cameras, provided by Chief Best.

The goal was to raise $100,000 toward a system cost of approximately $190,000. The evening was so successful that the net proceeds more than doubled our goal and contributions are continuing to be received!

The overwhelming support and participation of our residents is a testament to the community’s pride, legacy, and unwavering support of its community-based Police Department!

If you want to donate funds to the PVE PD for this or future programs or equipment the Foundation is continueing to accept donations and will hold them in a designated fund.

The PVE Foundation has been designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible (Tax ID: 38-4135087).

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