Lunada Bay Fountain Landscaping and Irrigation Restoration

In collaboration with the Lunada Bay Home Owners Association (LBHOA), the PVE Foundation provided a designated fund and funding support for this project. 

As part of the Foundation’s desire to be collaborative with other organizations, there has been a dialog with the LBHOA, looking to support this organization in their projects and activities, while providing a tax-deductible option for residents to support the efforts of the organization.

Through our various Zoom sessions, we have been able to work to support the delivery of this project, but to also connect the various HOA’s in the community to discover ways to improve our efforts to beautify and maintain our city.   

About the Lunada Bay Fountain History

The original fountain was built in 1965 as a gift to the City from neighborhood children who raised funds for its development.  Accordingly, it was named “La Fuente de los Ninos” (The Children’s Fountain). The fountain is dedicated to G. Brooks Snelgrove, an engineer for the Palos Verdes Project.

The fountain was at one time updated with blue tiles on its exterior, but after many years of deterioration it was restored in 2008 according to the original design concept.  The Lunada Bay Homeowners Association led fund raising efforts and the refurbishment effort. Unfortunately, the landscaping around the fountain has failed due to poor irrigation and maintenance neglect and a water-wise re-landscaping and revised irrigation system was proposed and implemented.

List of Proposed Work

  • Re-establish landscaping to a scenic, maintainable, water-wise design
  • Install an efficient, reliable irrigation system.

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