Foundation Projects

The Palos Verdes Estates Foundation is an independent, non-government organization that has been established to make lasting community impact across generations. Through beautification of public property and open space, augmentation of recreational/lifestyle and safety projects, the Foundation seeks to encourage a positive community spirit by engaging residents as volunteers and participants in community projects and events.

One of the key strategies of the Palos Verdes Estates Foundation is to develop partnerships with local organizations thereby creating community synergy to accomplish our goals. Local non-profit organizations, special districts, garden clubs, homeowner associations and merchants will become a part of the extended team to complete the vision. We have already started conversations with a number of organizations to prepare for these partnerships.

We intend to combine financial support and the volunteer hands of the PVE Foundation with the appropriate governmental collaboration to enhance the natural beauty of Palos Verdes Estates envisioned by the founding fathers.

If you have a proposed project or would like to be involved in one of the projects, please email us.

Below are a few of the currently Completed or Proposed projects and activities of the past years.

Current Projects

City Hall Complex Project

PVE residents voluntarily agreed to raise the necessary funding to have a professional study performed on our City Hall Complex building structures

entrance beautification project

All 5 entrances to PVE will get a new make over. Check back for more details.

PVE Safety Initiative​

The Foundation is working toward making PVE safer by raising funds for the ‘PVE Safety Initiative’.

The Crime Deterrent Initiative

The PVE Foundation is working together with PVE residents to provide additional crime deterrent measures within our community.

Beautification projects

Paseo La Cresta & Via Del Monte Triangle

The PVE Foundation together with PVE residents and local community groups are working to update Medians in our city.
Click below to see concept design renderings from SEED Group Landscape Architecture.

Past Projects

PVE Holiday Decorations

The PVE Foundation continue the new tradition of holiday decorations.

Farnham Martin Fountain

The Farnham Martin Fountain is an iconic landmark for our City. Restoration in 2022 was made possible by donations.

PVE PD Body Cam

PVE Foundation made sure the Police Department has vital equipment.

PVE PD Drone

The PVE Foundation provided a $10,000 grant to fund a safety program.

City Hall Median

The renovation of the median outside City Hall was completed 2019.