City Hall Complex Project

This project was conceived by some residents approaching the Foundation with the concern over the deferred maintenance of the City Hall/Public Safety complex and the impact that has on the community.  When one drives by the complex the façade appears to be in good condition yet if one looks behind the façade a different reality is exhibited.  Due to numerous financial constraints this complex has not been properly maintained including retrofitting seismic issues, ADA considerations.  Accordingly, these residents voluntarily agreed to raise the necessary funding to have a professional study performed that would educate and stimulate the communities thinking.  This is the first step in developing a long-range plan that addresses the future of this critical asset of PVE.

The Foundation sought proposals from three organizations that had the necessary qualifications to provide such a study.  After reviewing the proposals and interviewing the firms, the Foundation selected AECOM a world class infrastructure consulting firm that partners with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges and build legacies for generations to come.  This NYSE company has significant operations in Los Angeles and was very knowledgeable of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The selection of AECOM for this assignment contained NO development rights, benefits to the Foundation and/or residents or any other quid pro quo!  Doing such would be unethical.

This independent study will identify and educate the community on what may need to be done to the existing structure along with economically viable alternatives that might be considered utilizing the existing city owned site.  Maintaining the location for public safety facilities is a requirement in addition to considering the parking and traffic ramifications.  The consultants are aware of the city’s fiscal constraints and any alternatives presented that reduce the tax burden of residents would be welcome.  Contrary to some unfounded theories the alternatives will not include low income nor high density housing.

This study will be completed by early fall and given to the city for their consideration. They may do whatever they deem appropriate, but it is anticipated that the City Council may desire to agenize this topic and request AECOM to orally present their work product and respond to questions.  The Foundation also plans on sharing a written executive summary to residents.

The AECOM analysis is a privately funded project that has no hidden agenda other than to assist the residents in understanding the concerns of the existing facility, exploring alternatives that might be considered and to stimulate dialog in planning for PVE’s future!

Allegations have been made that this project has been funded by “real estate developers or companies involved in real estate development”.  This allegation is false and misleading!  No real estate developer/company have donated to this project or any other project of the Foundation. The one caveat is that the Foundation has received donations from residents that are also real estate brokers but these donations were not designated for the AECOM study.