The Crime Deterrent Initiative

We are fortunate enough to live in Palos Verdes Estates where our crime rate is one of the lowest in the nation yet, our community is still exposed to crimes.  The Foundation has been working with our public safety partners to identify additional ways in which we might enhance security for our residents.  Working with residents and our police department, the Foundation is embarking on a specific fund-raising effort aimed at providing additional tools for our police department that will provide incremental protection.

Within the next three months the goal of the Foundation is to raise more than $350,000 to purchase and maintain approximately 20 Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Cameras that would be strategically located at all ingress and egress locations within Palos Verdes Estates.  Currently the city has four such ALPR’s but they do not provide complete coverage.  With this expanded program, our police department will have the necessary tools to virtually identify all vehicles entering the city that may be stollen or identified as “suspect” and locate the vehicle before any nefarious activity occurs. In addition, if such activity were to occur, the department would have an additional tool to identify, locate and apprehend such perpetrators. 

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution of at least $75 or more to help ensure the safety of your home as well as your neighbors.  Should this appeal raise more than the stated goal any additional funding will be utilized to support other public safety initiatives.

This is another example of where the Foundation desires to provide incremental value to the community that current budgetary constraints will not allow.