PVE Safety Initiative

Every community needs to be ready for the unexpected, The PVE Foundation is dedicated to supporting the Palos Verdes Estates community. The PVE Foundation believes that it is crucial to have the necessary equipment to protect community members and property from natural disasters, emergencies, and other community needs. To achieve this, they have started a fundraiser to raise money to purchase crucial safety and communication equipment “PVE Safety Initiative”. This Safety Initiative will include raising money for a Mobile Command Vehicle, support with ZoneHaven which establishes new standards to help first responders and community members prepare for and navigate through emergency real-time evacuation planning and communications, mobile electronic messaging boards to alert residents to timely information and upgrades to disaster containers throughout the city to ensure they have current equipment and supplies. 

Mobile Emergency Command Center

Mobile Emergency Command Center – are vehicles that are utilized to establish communication during a variety of situations, including emergencies, accidents, and national or local security threats.  While they are designed for crisis control, their primary function is for communication.  Many have access to satellite, internet, video, and radio.
PVE has an antiquated mobile command vehicle which needs replacement.  It is not equipped with the current communications technology which is paramount in today’s environment. If a major crisis were to be experienced on the Peninsula or in the Los Angeles County that impacts communication, ingress/egress having such a resource could be life-alternating for PVE residents.  PVE cannot solely rely upon the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, or some other jurisdictions to provide the needs of our residents.
As noted above, if the City Hall complex is comprised in some way – a mobile command Center would be available as an alternative resource to provide these essential communication needs.
A mobile command center should not only be thought of as a crisis tool but also one that provides educational and community benefits.  Its utilization might include use at various school events and educational opportunities, community events like the LPGA Golf tournament, etc.  In addition, it could be utilized throughout the South Bay supporting neighboring community needs and events, the list is endless.  The key is that the Mobile Emergency Command Center is controlled and managed by the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department.


Zonehaven is a system/concept that has recently been adopted by the four communities located on the Peninsula. (This program is also being implemented throughout many of the other communities within Los Angeles County as well as throughout California) It will enable the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department and other law enforcement agencies throughout the Peninsula to coordinate with other emergency departments such as the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Public Works. Zonehaven works by breaking the entire city into “Zones”.  Each zone has a corresponding number on the map.  A resident need only to know their Zone identification number to know if they need to evacuate and when it is safe to repopulate. 
During an emergency the Zone number will be provided along with clear evacuation instructions.  Zonehaven will provide traffic in real-time, identify where possible evacuation center will be located and use the latest disaster information provided by incident commanders on the scene as the events unfold. The transportable electronic messaging boards (see below) become one of the critical mechanisms to be used in communicating such information.
The community need relating to Zonehaven is education and communication!  Other communities that have implemented this system have established electronic communication, direct mailings as well as “kits” distributed to each household containing critical information, magnets containing their Zone identification and possibility Zone identification “item” for each car.

Transportable Electronic Messaging Boards

In the event of a crisis these portable messaging boards can be remotely programed and located at critical locations to communicate essential data to residents, particularly during the need to evacuate the community.  As previously discussed, the Zonehaven system will be assigning specific mapping zones to each resident which will need to be followed in the event of need and these boards would become one of the key methods of communication.
Electronic messaging boards have multiple applications for the city in non-emergency situations such as road closures, school and city events, 4th of July fireworks restrictions, etc.

Upgrades to Existing “Disaster Containers”

Several years ago the community established containers at various school sites throughout the city.  It is important to note that some school sites have two containers, one established by the community and a second one established by the school’s PTAs.  The current focus is on those established by the community and contain communication equipment along with other critical supplies.  Some of the equipment needs to be upgraded and or replaced.  Suggestions include:
  • Additional generators
  • Ability to “re-charge” mobile phones. Potentially additional solar panels and generators could be added to these sites that would provide the means for residents to recharge their mobile communications in a time of need.