Disaster Preparedness: DDP & NART Program Support

The DDP (Disaster District Preparedness) is a unique and essential preparedness organization in our City. It is comprehensive community-based disaster preparedness and response program which is managed by the PVE Police Department through the Community Relations Officer and staffed with volunteers throughout the City.

The program divides the City into 6 Disaster Districts, each equipped with a cache of equipment and supplies to support community responders. Managed by sworn Disaster Service Worker Volunteers under the City's Disaster Services Coordinator, the program integrates the resources of disaster services including area CERT members, Neighborhood Amateur Radio Team (NART), Disaster Service Workers (DSW) and the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department's Reserve Corps.

Each District in PVE has a container at each of our local schools.  These are used as volunteer command centers in time of disaster.

These supplies need to be upgraded and replenished from time to time. 

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Partial List of Proposed Work

  • Provide financial support for administrative expenses to upgrade and replenish supplies
  • Purchase new batteries or equipment for NART
  • Provide financial support for specific DDP or NART projects

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