PVE Holiday Decorations

The PVE Foundation has collaborated with the City, Lunada Bay Home Owners Association (LBHOA) and Malaga Cove Homeowners Association (MCHA) to continue the new tradition of holiday decorations to put the spirit of celebration in our community, 3 times during the year.

We thank the LBHOA and MCHA for their financial partnership in the holiday decorations project. You’ll see decorations at Malaga Cove (PV Drive West & Via Corta) and Lunada Bay (PV Drive West & Yarmouth) during the Fall (October/November), Winter (November/December) and Summer (May–July) holidays, reflecting the spirit of each season.

We were gratified to hear so many positive comments from the community about our decorations from December 2021 and Summer 2022. We are continuing this new tradition into the future.