PVE PD Emergency Drone Services

The PVE Foundation provided a $10,000 grant to fund a safety program in response to a request submitted by Chief Best to fund a drone service to supplement the PVE Police Department’s ability to service our community for disaster and emergency patrol activities.  His proposal recommends engaging Flying Lion as the local company to support this endeavor.  

Chief Best indicates, “The drone service can be used in a variety of capacities including cliff rescues, search operations for both suspects and stranded victims, over watch during the service of search warrants, protests, surveying dense parkland areas, traffic studies [and more].”

As seen in these short videos below, drones are helpful aids to first responders in assessing the situation, determining additional support needs and accessing areas that may be difficult to reach.


With our varied topography in PVE, the drones will add an option to quickly muster and deploy aid when needed, night or day.  Two-man drone teams will provide assistance to police officers in their viewing activities.  Drones are equipped with cameras with night vision technology to allow for effective nighttime work. 

Helicopters have been used by the PVE PD for safety and emergency support in the past through the mutual aid program between agencies.  This mutual aid, no-cost program can still be used, as appropriate. However, with helicopters being limited and taking extended time to muster, the drone program provides a quicker, quieter and more agile option to our police force.